About RomyLMS


Who is RomyLMS

RomyLMS is one of the newer LMSs on the market; we were founded in April 2016.  Built by the team at Coalition Technologies, RomyLMS functions as a separate business with the know-how, support, and technical skills of the Coalition Technologies team behind it.

As the new kid on the block, we are dedicated to differentiating ourselves by making this system the easiest to use while still providing all the essentials of a great LMS. As Steve Jobs said, “Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do.” We’ve taken that to heart and focused on streamlining our system to make it as intuitive as possible.

The core foundation of our business is keeping it simple, and oftentimes, that is more difficult than adding complexity. In that same vein, you always know what you will get when it comes to us. As a company and as individuals we value doing what is right, not doing something solely for profit.

We want to partner with you to make sure your organization gets the learning management it deserves at an affordable price.