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Online training reduces training time required by managers by 90%

Adding a training program can increase revenue per employee by 218%

Online training reduces training time required by employees by 60%

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Romy Learning Management System

Easily train learners and track their progress. Keep your learning management system simple and affordable.


One click course creation


Add text, video, or files of any kind


Assessments ensure knowledge retention


Making learning fun drives engagement


Certify users for successful course completion

Available on all devices

Our mobile friendly platform gives you complete access no matter where you are or what device you are using.

RomyLMS sections

Extremely easy to use

Designed specifically to be the simplest and most fun way to provide highly scalable training.

Account Management With RomyLMS


  • Built in course authoring tool makes creating content a breeze
  • Upload any media file to enrich your training
  • Construct assessments to ensure learners retain knowledge
  • Create users individually or bulk upload your entire organization
  • Assign courses to users and set due dates with a click of a button
  • Intuitive organization makes scaling your training quick and easy
  • Certify learners for successful completion of courses
Free Learning Management Software: RomyLMS
  • Collect feedback from learners on lessons and quizzes
  • Track learner progress and course performance with our suite of reports
  • Fast cloud based servers available globally
  • Powerful security keeps your data safe
  • Brand your RomyLMS database with your own customization
  • Sign in easily with Facebook or Google Plus
  • No limits on content or users!
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RomyLMS has been designed from the ground up to be an easy to use and intuitive learning management system. Originally built to serve the needs of a fast growing digital agency, RomyLMS is optimized for high-growth, modern companies.

We know that making the decision to use a new platform is a tough call. That’s why we are committed to making it as easy as possible on your end. We will take care of your implementation and provide free support for as long as you use the system. Our support team prides itself on making sure you get the most value out of the learning management system and proactively thinks of ways to increase your success as a company.

The current LMS market is dominated by outdated legacy systems. We are looking to disrupt that status quo by providing an online training platform that uses cutting edge technology to make corporate trainers’ jobs easier, not more complicated. Simplifying the experience for administrative users also benefits the end user, the trainee, since it gives trainers more time to focus on providing quality learning material rather than the delivery of said material.

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