Month: August 2016

Training Highlight: Teaching Soft Skills

teaching soft skills

A common misconception in corporate training is that soft skills are just one of those things that aren’t teachable (or not worth the time and effort required to teach properly). But they definitely are! And since these are general skills that everyone in your organization can learn or improve, this training has the broadest application and can have […]

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E-learning System for Small Business

Choosing an e-learning system for your business can be a tough task. When there are so many options, where should you start? This post will help guide you in the process of choosing an LMS that fits the needs of your business. Determining What You Need The very first item you need to determine is […]

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RomyLMS Platform Update and Redesign

We recently went through an intensive redesign of the RomyLMS platform. While before our LMS was extremely streamlined and fairly easy to navigate, we thought we could do better. The new interface brings a more visual style and adds dashboards for both the Admin and Learner view. Changes to the Admin User Interface After conducting extensive […]

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