Month: June 2016

Corporate Training Basics: LMS Reporting Requirements

Choosing the right LMS is a big part of getting your corporate training program off to the right start. And a big part of choosing the right LMS is looking at what you will require in terms of reporting. This post will go over standard LMS reporting requirements and pose some questions for you to […]

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Learning vs Training: What’s the Difference?

Most companies have some form of training, but that’s not as valuable as creating a learning culture. Now you’re probably wondering, “There’s a difference between learning vs training?” And the answer is, yes! There is a huge difference! What is Training Training is the teaching of a skill or particular way of doing something. It is essential […]

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eLearning Training Program Basics

Data shows pretty conclusively that utilizing an eLearning training program can significantly cut down on time spent teaching employees as well as boost the results compared with a traditional training program. But are there other metrics to watch when switching to an online training approach? What else happens when you switch? Well, let’s take a […]

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