’s Review of RomyLMS

We are happy to announce that RomyLMS was recently reviewed by FinancesOnline, an independent software review platform focusing on B2B solutions. In their RomyLMS reviews experts gave our software a very positive score and highlighted many strong points of our offer. They especially praised simplicity and functionality that stands behind RomyLMS design and were really impressed with how our software allows you to create training lessons and programs in a very short time.

FinancesOnline appreciated our software so much that they distinguished it with two quality awards which further emphasise the solid services that we offer. We won both the Great User Experience Award for their learning management software category as well as the 2016 Rising Star Award that is given to vendors who offer particularly effective services to their clients. We are very proud that the hard work and passion devoted into creating RomyLMS did not go unnoticed and that the reviewers appreciated it. This will definitely motivate us to improve RomyLMS even further and to continue offering one of the best LMS solutions out there.

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