Corporate Learning Management System Success Tips

The eLearning industry has long focused on the LMS as a solution for educating students in traditional settings, but the corporate LMS is starting to get more attention. A corporate learning management system, while similar to traditional LMSs in most regards, is an application for a completely different audience. And trainers and eLearning experts need to […]

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5 Training Software Trends to Watch

If you have been following the eLearning industry and training software, you know that everyone likes predicting what new and exciting trends are going to dominate and change the industry in the coming year. And while we don’t like jumping on bandwagons, we do believe that since we have just launched our learning management system, […]

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Training Tracking Software Benefits

It is an established fact that having a training program can increase employee production and retention. But how you manage your training program is just as important. Using training tracking software can significantly increase the effectiveness of your training by giving you more insight into the results and learning patterns of your employees. While training […]

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