LMS Training vs Traditional Training

LMS training and traditional training are two options you have when determining how to meet your organization’s learning needs. While it is well documented that developing training goals and a training strategy for your organization can increase employee productivity and retention, it is often unclear how this was measured. Is it just any training or was […]

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Online Learning Platform Advantages

First things first, what is an online learning platform? Well, it’s simply learning software that is run and managed online. Twenty years ago, this would have been unheard of, but now nearly all software is being hosted online. eLearning has seen a shift, as has all data management, from locally hosted solutions to online repositories […]

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How Educational Software Can Meet Learning Needs

While there is a long history of educational software (going all the way back to the 1940s), it has not been until the last decade that the eLearning industry has really taken off. As the internet spurs innovation on all fronts, education has also been evolving. Not only are online colleges and massive open online courses […]

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